Well Woman Womb Yoga

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Uma Dinsmore-Tuii's Womb Yoga - Well Woman Yoga Therapy training at the Kagyu Samye Dzong centre in London. It was magical to spend 5 days in the presence of 50 beautiful women practising yoga and learning together. Uma has a very nourishing way of teaching and so much wisdom to share about how yoga can support women at all stages of our life cycle. 

I learnt new supportive practices for healthy mensuration and fertility, menstrual challenges, postnatal recovery, prolapse, peri menopause, menopause and woman's health. I was inspired to attend the course after reading Uma's book Yoni Shakti. It is considered the yoga bible for women, and I highly recommended it to any Yogini.

Starting on the 17th of January I am holding a 6 week course to share an introduction to yoga for women based around the new teachings I have received.